The Smaller Picture

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I’ve avoided writing this blog for a long time. I’ve procrastinated over it, found excuses to push it down the road. Truth be told, the thought of writing this made me uncomfortable. My blogs, in the past, have attempted to focus on the bigger picture; issues of corruption, inequality, poverty, perceptions. I’ve discussed inspirational people, […]

Coffee Cups and Conscious Decisions

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This week’s blog was written by Deirdre Gavin. Deirdre was a leader on this year’s Insight programme and will be working with us for the coming months, conducting research on behalf of Development Perspectives. christmas-consumerismI’ll keep this short and sweet. Recently I had a conversation with a friend about christmas presents. She was complaining that […]

Mesmerised by us “mzungu”

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I along with the other volunteers I stayed with were welcomed by the locals. Every evening after my volunteer work I had the opportunity to spend time with my Tanzanian neighbours. It made the experience very authentic. I also loved playing with the local children who were mesmerised by us “mzungu” (white people). These people […]

A critical perspective of short term volunteering

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A critical perspective of short term volunteering Name:Eva Mahon Location:South India Aiming for:Silver Award About the Author:I am a 2nd year Commerce student who volunteered with UCDVO South India Project last summer A critical perspective of short term volunteering Volunteering is defined as an offer or commitment to help someone out of free will. Volunteering […]

On the importance of sisterhood

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On the importance of sisterhood I was brought up in a family where I was encouraged to dream big, to respect everyone I meet as equals and not to accept things always as they seem. In a family where my mother didn’t like me playing with Barbie, my father plead with me and my sister […]

Regional Dublin Rose of Tralee & The GCA

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Sarah Brazil, pictured back row, second from left, with her fellow Dublin Rose contestants. Sarah’s is participating in the Dublin Rose contest as a representative of Open Heart House. The Dublin Rose contest serves as a platform for Sarah to discuss her role as a volunteer with Open Heart House and her experience working as […]

Year of Pulses

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‘Beans, beans, a wonderful fruit, the more you eat the more you….’ Maybe it is just me, but the above statement was common during my childhood. I have vivid memories of singing along to this at tea-time in nursery and now as a student it is common to see posts such as ‘Ultimate student survival […]