As the New Year dawns

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Karina is participating in the Gold Global Citizen Award. This is the fifth of her Global Blogs from South Africa As the New Year dawns we are all inundated with Facebook statutes and Tweets proclaiming ‘New year, new me’, ‘Gym from now on’, ‘Only organic food’, you know yourself! Well as I was going through […]

Summer English school Vietnam

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The first time I heard about the Global Citizen Award was during the EIL pre-departure workshop, to prepare us for our journey and projects, where we also got to hear about past volunteers experiences and how the Global Citizen Award helped them on their return to share with the community what they have learned and […]

The Smaller Picture

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I’ve avoided writing this blog for a long time. I’ve procrastinated over it, found excuses to push it down the road. Truth be told, the thought of writing this made me uncomfortable. My blogs, in the past, have attempted to focus on the bigger picture; issues of corruption, inequality, poverty, perceptions. I’ve discussed inspirational people, […]

Coffee Cups and Conscious Decisions

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This week’s blog was written by Deirdre Gavin. Deirdre was a leader on this year’s Insight programme and will be working with us for the coming months, conducting research on behalf of Development Perspectives. christmas-consumerismI’ll keep this short and sweet. Recently I had a conversation with a friend about christmas presents. She was complaining that […]