Silver Global Blog: A Displaced Society

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Name: Aoibheann Boyle

Location: The Philippines

Aiming for: Silver Award

Aoibheann is a volunteer from Serve currently aiming for the Silver Global Citizen Award. Read her global blog below and if you're feeling inspired why not register yourself? 

Predepature Thoughts

"The Badjao, ‘The Man of Seas’, has an intimate relationship with the sea. One that neither you nor I could hold. They are a group of skilled people who are experts in fishery, deep sea diving and navigation of the sea, as they are probably the most knowledgeable of the sea out of all the inhabitants who roam this world. However they also live in an illiterate, uneducated and impoverished manner due to their nomadic lifestyle. Their lives revolve around the fishing and sea trade. They are a displaced society. They have been displaced by wars and the death of their traditional fishing culture and they are displaced by the nation they live in.

When I am painting this picture of the Filipino nation as a whole it is filled with colour, positivity and beauty. However a percentage of this nation seem to live in a harsh and unfair way. Everything is not equal there. Under corruption, conflict and discrimination, this percentage are not treated in the same manner and are viewed poorly by their fellow citizens and government. Due to this some have felt pressurised to even flee their country for a better life, to such places like Indonesia. This percentage include the special indigenous group called the Badjao Tribe.