Silver Global Blog: Love Creates Resilience

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Name: Aoibheann Boyle

Location: The Philippines

Aiming for: Silver Award

Aoibheann is a volunteer from Serve currently aiming for the Silver Global Citizen Award. Read her global blog below and if you're feeling inspired why not register yourself? 

Overseas Thoughts

Having experienced one-on-one encounters with this magnificent tribe of people and building an everlasting and inexplicable bond, I can safely say I have learnt more. What has been written and researched does not come near to the truth of who they actually are. This tribe, full of the most wonderful people who live on this planet, each and every one of them, have inspired me and shown me what love really is. Each person may not be related but they are all each other’s brothers and sisters, constantly looking out for the welfare of their own. The tribe are in fact known as the “peace-loving” tribe. The warmth as I enter the gates of their settlement is indescribable and the bonds that have been created are too strong to break.

The Philippines consists of 18 strands of tribes (The Marinao) ranging from the most highly respected and powerful, to those of ‘no value’, which the Badjao tribe are sometimes referred to by their fellow Filipino citizens. It is purely due to their love, peacefulness and objecting to violence and the fact they will never fight back with violence that they are viewed so lowly by outsiders and the other tribes. People have held on to this judgement and due to their ignorance on the history of the Badjao and who they actually are, they have formed theories that have been incredibly far from the truth.