Gold Global Blog: Why become a Global Citizen

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Name: Sarah Brazil

Location: South Africa

Aiming for: Gold Award


Sarah is the chair of the Global Education Committee and a past volunteer from EIL currently aiming for the Gold Global Citizen Award. Read her global blog below and if you're feeling inspired why not register yourself? 

Why Become a Global Citizen?

On the first day of my volunteer abroad trip I remember feeling excited, anxious and anticipating greatly the coming 2 months as my South African adventure was about to begin. 3 years on I look back on my journey, one that has lasted quite a bit longer than I had expected – a fact of which I am both honored and grateful for. These past few years I have grown yet continue to grow have learned yet continue to learn and questioned while still continuing to question.

Without sounding like my granddad, the Global Citizen Award wasn’t really heard of in my time (2012). That said, as I was a recipient of the Global Awareness Programme Travel Award with EIL Ireland my involvement in global issues took flight as I landed home, beginning my awareness raising campaign.

The trip in itself was brilliant, opening my eyes to the wider world of Global Justice, although it was the work on home soil that really solidified my experience and enhanced my awareness of what citizenship actually is.

The Global Citizen Award enables volunteers to keep the Volunteering flame lit even on return, much like my GAP award did for me. It encourages volunteers to experience personal developments as it requires them to challenge themselves, questioning stigma, being aware and albeit creating awareness.

Being a Global Citizen doesn’t mean you have to change the world, win a prize or be an acclaimed figure. To me, it means you truly live. You hold your place in this world acutely aware of its flaws and misconceptions. You embrace its beauty although never overlooking its needs and failings.Playing your part at home through volunteering at a local community project, challenging someone to question, to wonder or reevaluate stigma through a workshop and enabling critical thought and interest through a blog are merely some of the ways you can leave your mark through the actions you create.

So I would call to anyone considering it – 

Be the change,

Be the voice,

Be a Global Citizen!

Why become a Global Citizen?
Why become a Global Citizen?