Teaching English in Chiang Mai Thailand

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August 2014 – A Poem by Rita Boyle
On August 16 to Dublin and Ireland I said goodbye

To go volunteering for 3-weeks in Chiang Mai

Teaching English to children was my aim

Through song and dance and even a game

The seeds of doubt of “Would I Survive”?

Were quickly quashed as soon as I arrived

To a welcoming smile and a ton of support

From Wad there to greet me at the airport

Day One Orientation thought me what to say

The “Dos and Don’ts” and how to Wai

The day concluded with some key phrases in “Thai”

Hello (Sawasdee Ka) and Thank You (Kop Kuhn Ka) to help me get by

The lovely Pon (our housekeeper) cooked my first Thai meal

And it has to be said her cooking is the real deal

As it was quickly demolished using a spoon and fork

No need for a knife to eat fried rice and pork

With the help of our good friend and driver Clo

Off to Wat Muen Nyeun Gong School each morning I did go

“Teacher Rita” supporting “Teacher May”

Is how I was introduced at the start of my first day

My students were P5 (9-10) and P6 (11-12) years old

And it has to be said they were as good as gold

As they learnt about the weather and what we should wear

And then the environment and how we should care

And now to my fellow volunteers – little did I know it would be such fun

Working, talking, laughing and sharing Sang Som

With seven girls and one guy from different lands

Who were all in Chiang Mai with helping hands

There was Dan from Australia, Yolanda from Canada and Elle from New Zealand,

Alexis from the US, and a fellow Celt Steph from Scotland

Nichola, Hannah and Hannah, yes there were two who hailed from Germany

And it has to be said they all made for great company

When our work was done there was plenty to do

But just how much I never knew

Night Bazaar, ‘Quiz Night’, cooking lessons, elephant parks, waterfalls, all not far

And of course there was Karaoke at Zoë’s and dancing at the “Reggie” Bar!

Before I close I have to call out

The staff at CCT (Wad, Sarah, Pepo and Clo) and EIL (Una, Cliona and Tara) who without a doubt

Bring hope and happiness in the great work that they do

Through art relief, self help programs and teaching English to name but a few

The friends and memories that have been made

Will stay with me and never fade

So all that’s left for me to say

Is a “Big Thank You”, so long, farewell, till we meet again one day

Action at home

1-hour talk to Transition Students at Borrisokan Community College on Volunteering abroad and sharing my experience with them