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A lesson for all

During my trip to Bangalore, India last summer, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to teach students with disabilities both at primary level and secondary school level. From gaining this experience it really opened my eyes to how education helps us all the grow as individuals and also to change the world we live in, which unfortunately we don’t realise here in Ireland as every person is only money driven even if they say there not!While teaching the secondary school students and seeing how eager they were to learn whatever we could teach them, the literally showed interested in every topic no matter how boring it was! As they saw the opportunity to grown in every topic. It really made me think twice why aren’t student like this in Ireland? Is it because of our “Be grand” attitude? Is it because we are handed too much growing up?On return from my trip abroad I decided to ask people about their overall awareness of sustainable development goal number 4 – Quality education. I shared my views of seeing the student in India being so eager and then I asked why aren’t we like this in Ireland as students and the reply I got was we have so much growing up we don’t see the need to be interested in all topic. That statement left me baffled. What is wrong with society in Ireland?The more I thought and looked into this area – it proved to be true if you come from nothing, you are more driven to be successful. These kids in Bangalore really proved this as every single one of them all had a physical disability which isn’t getting in their way, they all come from a poor background and all have the common goal of being the most successful person they can be within their society. These kids thought me a lesson that it doesn’t matter what you do in life once you are happy and smiling every day. Looking at the most successful people in Ireland majority of them came from a poor background and had a minimal education under their belt while growing up and that didn’t define them in any way possible while reaching their goals in life.I wish every single student I thought in Bangalore, to become the most successful person they possible can and I bet you all they will! Every student in Ireland could learn a valuable lesson from these students just like I did! As Nelson Manella said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and these students are doing just that!

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Name: Elaine Houlihan
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