SDG 4: Quality Education

Misconceptions of the world we live in todayI was struck when I was away regarding how people here in Ireland misconceive places like India, and how many inaccurate opinions they form about these places from the media, films and other people. They paint a picture of a dirty, dangerous place, that is completely one-dimensional. They […]

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A country without a language is a country without a soulOne admirable characteristic of Vietnamese cultural identity is their first language. A national language represents the national identity of a nation, a distinctive characteristic which distinguishes nations from each other. The long-term effects of colonisation have ridden many communities of their native tongue, and unfortunately […]

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Culture and Tradition – Ireland and Vietnam

Culture and Tradition – Ireland and VietnamBefore Christmas, I got a call from my friend Hien.She is completing a Government of Ireland Scholarship in CIT Cork in Public Relations and wanted advice on a project to do on Irish Traditional Craft or Culture.We decided it would be great to come to my rowing club in […]

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