Mesmerised by us “mzungu”

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I along with the other volunteers I stayed with were welcomed by the locals. Every evening after my volunteer work I had the opportunity to spend time with my Tanzanian neighbours. It made the experience very authentic. I also loved playing with the local children who were mesmerised by us “mzungu” (white people). These people impacted me greatly and I will miss them dearly. — with Elaine Ryan at River Side Dar Es Salaam.

By Elaine Ryan

Action at Home

Set up a go fund me account in order to raise money to buy sanitary towels and underwear for the girls I was working with while in Tanzania.

I used my personal Facebook page and the NGO Facebook page in order to share the link to the account.

I raised 465 euro through this account, 28 people contributed.

The target groups were my friends and family at home in Ireland.

I created the page in July and continued with it until August when I left Tanzania.