Gold Award

  • The Gold Global Citizen Award
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What is it?

The Gold is the third level of the Global Citizen Award.   

Gold: -Various activities –Significant time commitment -Attainable for some volunteers. 

Who is it for?

All returned volunteers (18+) in Ireland with a minimum of 3 weeks overseas volunteer experience. Your 3 weeks can be built up cumulatively, allowing your award to be reflective without restriction on when you went volunteering.

What will I get from it?

  • Champion global justice issues that you are passionate about.
  • Increased knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals and development issues.
  • Social media, advocacy and reflective post writing skills.
  • Network and make connections with like-minded people.
  • Obtain a personal achievement - Awardees will be recognised at a National
  • Award Ceremony and become a part of the GCA Alumni Network.


Mentors can play a pivotal role throughout the Global Citizen Award journey. Mentors are all returned international volunteers and past awardees of the Global Citizen Award. They are on hand in a supportive capacity to help guide you with your award actions and reflective posts.
If you would like a mentor please indicate so on your registration form or contact the Global Citizen Award Coordinator at


What is involved?

There are 6 criteria to be fulfilled to attain the Gold Award;

Action 1

Action 1

Complete pre-departure and debriefing workshop

Action 2

Action 2

Minimum 3 weeks volunteering overseas

Action 3

Action 3

Write your Reflective Posts  6 for GOLD 4 for SILVER or 2 for BRONZE

Action 4

Action 4

Complete 3 Action Projects when home for GOLD or 1 for SILVER

Action 5

Action 5

1 approved development education training class

Action 6

Action 6

Volunteer commitment in Ireland (40hrs)

Registering for the Global Citizen award is easy! Simply choose your award, Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Register online at using our Platform Avenue system and let the journey begin! 

Alternatively, contact your volunteer sending organisation to find out if they are participating in the Award.

What's next?

Once you have registered you will need to plan and complete your Award actions with the help of your mentor and the free online supports. Be sure to keep us posted on your Award journey and actions here at home with pictures and updates to the GCA online community and by using #GCAIreland.

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Need a Mentor?

Your mentor will be a support for you throughout the Award.

Keep in touch

Keep in touch with us on Slack once you have started your activities.

Enjoy taking part in GCA!