Partner Supports

The Global Citizen Award an accessible and simple programme for your organisation* and your volunteers.

*Must be a signatory of the Comhlamh Code of Good Practice see for more info.

Register your organisation* online here or by filling in the form below

Once you register a Global Citizen Award volunteer pack containing the volunteer registration and report forms will be sent on to your organisation.

As a partner, you need to:

  • Inform your volunteers at their pre-departure about the Award and encourage them to fill in the registration form before they depart.
  • Support your volunteers to reflect in a learning journey and blog about their overseas experience. A mentor can be assigned to the volunteer if requested or needed.
  • Follow up with your volunteers at debriefing workshop. Remind them to complete their award activities and fill in their award report. Send us on any blogs, articles or action projects so we can upload their GCA journeys to Once they have filled in their report form we will be in touch with the volunteer about receiving their award at the National Award Ceremony!

Contact to send on  updates of your participants stories, blogs or articles or if you require more information or want to request free training on the award to your organisation staff, host free webinar or attend pre- departure/ debriefing sessions.

Application form for partners: