The Global Citizen Award is a personal development award that enables you to share your overseas volunteering experiences and help raise awareness of global issues in Ireland. The Award is free and open to all returned international volunteers. It offers you an opportunity to take what you have experienced overseas and continue to make a difference to Global Justice issues right here at home.

The Global Citizen Award can be completed when you return home to Ireland or a few years after your volunteering experience. Each volunteer varies and your award can be completed over a period of weeks months or longer. This is a typical timeline for the GCA awards start to finish...

Award Timeline

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer overseas for a minimum 1 week. Have a look at our partner page for the volunteer sending agencies that are Comhlámh signatures and who offer the Global Citizen Award on return. Note you may have volunteered in the last few years and wish to complete the award now as a reflective programme.

Register for the Award

Register your interest for your Gold, Silver or Bronze award. Note you can do this before or after you Volunteer Abroad. 

Document Your Experiences & Use the Supports!

We suggest you use your free Comhlámh learning journal when your are away. This will be an invaluable support for your GCA reflective posts and action projects when you return home. You can also use a diary or mind map to reflect on your volunteer experiences when you return home. This will help jog your memories and be a great help when planning your reflective posts and actions. See our supports page for more tips and tools to help with your award actions.   

Complete Your Actions

There can be up to 6 Actions required. Example of Gold Award: Action 1: Complete pre-departure and debriefing workshop. Action 2: Minimum 1 week volunteering overseas. Action 3: Develop 4 Reflective Posts (1 dedicated reflection on your Development Education workshop) Action 4: Complete 2 Action Projects when home. Action 5: Approved Development Education training workshop. Action 6: Volunteer commitment in Ireland (40hrs).

Fill in Final Report

Fill in and submit your final report to us by the deadline! Your report will then be reviewed by the Standards & Awards Committee.

Annual Ceremony

The National Annual Award Ceremony will take place in Dublin yearly where you will receive your award, meet your fellow GCA participants, and see a selection of action projects on display!

Become a GCA Mentor!

Once you have completed your award why not become a Mentor? Our wonderful Mentors are all past awardees of the Global Citizen Award. They are on hand in a supportive capacity to help guide others with their GCA journey and actions.