The Global Citizen Award motivates returned international volunteers to take action to increase awareness among the Irish public. It does so by supporting them with a structured avenue for engagement which recognises the outputs of awardees and provides a framework for accreditation. The GCA is a free programme to run, and has been designed to work for your organisation and volunteers.

What is involved?

3 structured award options tailored to suit the motivation of each volunteer:

  • Accessible activities
  • Low time commitment
  • Achievable for all volunteers!


  • Variety of Development Education activities
  • Moderate time commitment
  • Feasible for most volunteers!


  • Variety of Development Education activities
  • Significant time commitment
  • Attainable for some volunteers. 

Why become a partner?

  • Free resource that benefits your organisation and volunteers.
  • The aim of Irish Aid’s Development Education strategy (2017 – 2023) is to ensure that “Development education contributes to the realisation of Irish Aid’s vision for a sustainable and just world, by providing an opportunity for people in Ireland to reflect on their roles and responsibilities as global citizens and by encouraging people to take action for a fairer and more sustainable future for all”. This aim is reinforced by IDEA (the Irish Development Education Association) who states that the demand for development education multipliers in Ireland, particularly in the adult and community sector, is high. The Global Citizen Award provides a recognised standard for volunteer sending agencies to work together to support their volunteers to become development education multipliers, to meet the strategic objectives for Irish Aid. 
  • Recognition for your organisation on
  • Partner with a number of growing Global Citizen Award organisations:

As a partner, what will we need to do?

  • Inform your volunteers at their pre-departure about the Award and encourage them to fill in the registration form before they depart.

  • Support your volunteers to reflect in a learning journey and document their overseas experience. A mentor can be assigned to the volunteer if requested or needed.

  • Follow up with your volunteers during their debriefing workshop. Encourage them to complete their award activities. Send us on any updates (reflective posts, pictures, or developments) to so we can upload their journey to the website and social networks crediting your organisation, and remind them fill in their award report. Once they have filled in their report form, Tessa will be in touch with the volunteer about receiving their award at the annual National Award Ceremony!
  • The Global Citizen Award is an accessible and Development Education programme for your organisation and your volunteers. The Global Citizen Award Coordinator is on hand to help on: or 021 4551535. Our Global Citizen Award Coordinator, Tessa can also provide free training on the award to your organisation staff, host a free webinar or attend pre-departure / debriefing sessions.

Sounds super, how do we start the journey and become a partner?

Contact the Global Citizen Award Coordinator to register your interest. In order to participate in the Award programme your organisation must be a signatory of the Comhlámh Code of Good Practice